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    Meet the Family!

  You may wonder why I named my clothing boutique, Gypsy Roots. The name of my boutique was a no brainer for me or my family. Gypsy Roots is a way to honor my deceased grandmother, Nellie Heidenreich- Poynter. My grandparents were living the American Dream, they owned and operated Poynter Drywall which was taken over by their sons once they had passed. They left a legacy, and I hope, I can do the same for my family. 

  Now, an introduction to me! I am a mom of 5! We are a blended family, so we have our daily struggles but at the end of the evening, I wouldn't want to share this chaos with any other people! Eric & I have three daughters, Lila, Ava, and Claire, and we have twin boys, Noah & Cole. They are my reason "why". My goal with this business is to teach my teenagers that hard work, determination, and heart is all you need to make your dreams come true! As this business grows you will see their faces more and more as they will be more heavily involved with the day-to-day operations. 

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